flexible filing and storage solution

Cube4u has built its foundations with a dedicated, highly experienced management team.

The company was started after the potential of this uniquely flexible filing and storage solution was first seen during an overseas trade show three years ago. The buzz on the display at the show was palpable and caught our immediate attention – at last filing had become exciting again ! The product is made under license to a Japanese company in Malaysia at a manufacturing facility which is state of the art and world class.

Cube4u was derived out of the concept that with the system and its components, one can build anything creating a filing solution that is as unique as each of our customers – the sky’s the limit.

Our comprehensive filing system allows our clients the option to grow their filing systems as their needs require and in so doing maintaining uniformity throughout their office environment.

We believe in implementing a filing solution that addresses and solves workplace problems.

Our mission is to become the industry leader in a filing system which meets the increasing demands of our industry as well as providing our clients with a system that motivates, inspires and exceeds expectations.